သွားဖြူအောင်လုပ်ခြင်း ( Tooth Whitening )

သွားဖြူအောင်လုပ်ခြင်း ( Tooth Whitening )

How can laser tooth whitening help me?

Tooth Whitening

Dental laser teeth whitening can help you whiten your teeth and is completely safe and it does not damage or affect your teeth. It is a natural process of making your teeth more whiter and more beautiful.

The Chemical Reaction

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) breaks down to water (H2O) and a free oxygen radical (O), which is the smaller, less pigmented constituents by rapid oxidation. These compounds have double bonds and long carbon chains that are subsequently reduced to smaller carbon chains and hydroxyl groups, which eliminate discoloration. tooth whitening Bangkok The initiation of bleaching occurs through the application of laser which emits monochromatic light at a specific wavelength absorbed by the catalyst molecules only, thus accelerating the release of activated bleaching molecules. tooth whitening Bangkok Hydrogen peroxide, the most accepted active ingredient for in-office bleaching, does not decompose readily, which is partly why current bleaching procedures require lengthy visits.

Laser teeth whitening technology developed a Laser Gel that, when combined with hydrogen peroxide, becomes a solution responsive to specific range of laser wavelengths, resulting in a rapid production of free oxygen radicals.

Etiological Types of Discoloration

In most cases, a person’s tooth color is an inherited trait. However, the tooth’s discoloration mainly depends upon the condition of the teeth, dental health, and lifestyle of the person.

Different factors could lead to tooth discoloration (or darkening). The most common factor is the consumption of staining fluids such cola, tea, coffee, wine, tobacco or cigarette smoking.
Frequent changes in the temperature of food and drinks also allow our teeth to expand and contract often, which enables stain to easily penetrate onto our teeth. Likewise, foods that are slightly acidic open up the pores of our tooth enamel, which also allows stain to easily move in.

There are also internal factors such as deep stains, fluorosis, or trauma resulting from an injury or dental work. Depending upon the severity of staining, bleaching will lighten the darkest areas but may not totally remedy the condition.

Another factor would be time, because as we age, our teeth become yellowish in color. Our teeth also darken as we age because most of the staining factors act upon our teeth for a longer period of time.
Advantages of Laser Teeth Whitening

    Dramatic results in less than one hour
    Whitens the stained enamel surface without overheating the teeth
    No damage to the tooth’s pulp
    No side effects
    No anesthesia required
    Long-term effect
    Proven results over all other methods
    Pain-free treatment

သွားဖြူ အောင်လုပ်ခြင်း ( Tooth Whitening) korea brand - နှစ်သိန်း (2 lakh), USA brand -  သုံးသိန်း (3 lakh)
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