သွားညှိထားမှန်းကိုမသိသာစေသောသွားညှိခြင်း (Ortho by Invisalign)

သွားညှိထားမှန်းကိုမသိသာစေသောသွားညှိခြင်း ( Ortho by Invisalign )


The invisible way to straighten your teeth (without braces).Series of clear, removable, and custom-made teeth aligners.Uses no metal wires or brackets.Custom-built for maximum comfort.

How does INVISALIGN™ work?

You wear each set of custom-made aligners for about 2 weeks.Remove only to eat , drink , brush and floss.Your teeth will move gradually each week.Visit your doctor roughly every 6 weeks.Total treatment time averages between 6-15 months only.

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How are the INVISALIGN™ aligners made?

How are these invisible aligners made? You’d be amazed! The aligners are created using a brilliant combination between our Invisalign™ Dentist or Orthodontist’s expertise, 3D computer imaging, and cutting-edge technology. During your intial consultation, our dentist will take impressions and scans of your teeth and upload them to the Invisalign™ software

At this point, you will even be able to virtually see on the computer how your teeth will move into their proper position and turn your smile into its most beautiful appearance. Afterwards, the data will be sent to an Invisalign™ Factory to fabricate your custom-built set of Invisalign™ aligners made with advanced medical-grade plastic (polyurethane) materials. Once completed, they will be sent back to our clinic so you can immediately start your treatment.

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Why choose INVISALIGN™?

An Invisalign™ treatment can help you get that great smile you’ve always wanted easily…

Invisible – so no one can tell you’re straightening your teeth. You can start smiling during treatment as well as after.

Removable – so you can eat and drink what you want while in treatment, plus brushing or flossing would be no problem at all.

Comfortable – because there are no metal parts to cause mouth abrasions during treatment. And having no metals and wires to adjust simply means you spend less time in your dentist’s office for adjustments.

သွားညှိထားမှန်းကိုမသိသာစေသောသွားညှိခြင်း (ortho by invisalign) - ဒေါ်လာ သုံးထောင့်ငါးရာ မှ ငါးထောင် ဝန်းကျင် ( $3500 - $5000)
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